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Morning Session: Start at 7:15 AM
Afternoon Session: Start at 1:00 PM (change from 2:15!!)
Session I (AM - Ages 11/Above)
7:40-8:00: LST 1-6
8:00-8:20: TRA 1-3, EAC 4-6
8:20-8:40: Bel 1, HHH 2, BTCC 3, HQ 4-5, NSST 6
8:40-8:50: Open
Session II (PM - Ages 10/Under)
12:00-12:20: LST 1-3, EAC 4-5, NSST 6
12:20-12:40: TRA 1-2, HHH 3, BTCC 4, HQ 5, FECC 6
12:40-12:50: Open

Friday Tent Setup

You are welcome to setup your team tent on Friday BETWEEN the hours of 6:00 and 8:00 pm. Please do not try to setup your tent before this time.

Saturday Tent Setup
The rear gate to the pool will open at 7:15 am on Saturday. Please do not try to enter the pool before this time.

Coaches should come to the scorer’s table as soon as they have scratches.

We still have open worker slots, Please have your team check to sign up. Again, please notify your afternoon volunteers that the afternoon session is schedule to start at 1 pm NOT 2:15 pm as previously communicated.We will have a master list of volunteers at the entrance (see parking notes below). Volunteers get a free entry and then should to proceed to the Program/Sales table to get their name badge which will allow them to get a free lunch and drink. Volunteers not on the master list will be refunded their entrance fee and given a free lunch and drink if in fact they do get scheduled to work.

All Invitational parking is located in the in the parking lot behind the pool. There will be signs directing cars to this lot. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE MAIN PARKING LOT OF THE POOL.

All swimmers and spectators MUST enter the pool area via the gate located in the rear of the pool area! The entrance fee at this gate is $4.00 per spectator. Swimmers and volunteers are admitted free of charge.

The main pool entrance will not be opened until 12 noon. HOWEVER, anyone entering through this entrance may be subject to paying the Lopatcong Township Daily Fee of $7.50 per person. THEREFORE, it is highly recommended that everyone enter through the gate at the rear of the pool to ensure that they pay the reduced entrance fee.

Finally, please note that there is NO PARKING ALLOWED ON THE STREETS LEADING TO THE POOL (WILDEW AVE). Cars parked here will be ticketed.

Again, thank you for your participation and best of luck to all the swimmers! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

See you on Saturday!

Richard McCormick
Meet Director
Cell: 610-972-9447

Pool Office - 908-859-6267 

No one may be on official duty in the office prior to 12:00 (so getting a live person will be spotty, but who knows, you might get lucky); after that office personnel could be of some help. Their info is often limited to just facility questions, but in an emergency, or if you are completely lost without a GPS or a map of any kind, they can probably find Rich McCormick or Coach Drake on deck if necessary to help you. :)

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