Swim Team Events, Week of July 19, 2021

    Find pool addresses and directions on our team website, https://lopatcong.swimtopia.com/, under "Resources".

    All dates and events below, likewise, can be found on our website. :)

    Upcoming Meets/Events

    • Next Tuesday, 7/20, Swim Meet against Easton at Heil Pool. Be sure to declare swimmer attendance and job sign-ups.
    • Next Thursday, 7/22, Swim Meet against Two Rivers at Palmer Pool. Be sure to redeclare swimmer attendance and job sign-ups.
    • NO PRACTICE, 7/23: Sign-up for the Fitter & Faster Clinic instead.
    • LAST PRACTICE, 7/26: All Groups, including the Developmental Group.
    • Tuesday, 7/27, Last Chance to Race, Summer 2021, Intramural at Eddyside Pool. CHANGE: ONLY ARRIVE AT THE START OF YOUR TRAINING GROUP'S REGULAR PRACTICE TIME. Be sure to declare swimmer EVENTS, they choose ahead of time (no job sign-ups).
    • LAST CHANCE TO RACE INTRAMURALOlder swimmers, please consider staying to help time for younger swimmers. Coaches will act as officials and computer operators, unless any adults or family volunteers would like to help out too. :)
    • Tuesday, 7/27, Swim Team Awards Picnic at Eddyside Pool, 5:30 - 8:30 pm. Be sure to RSVP here: TimeToSignUp
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