Nazareth YMCA Monthly Swim Clinics to Start!!!

    Monthly Nazareth YMCA SWIM CLINICS

    December Dates: Nov. 30 - Jan. 2

    • They will be held monthly, December - February.
    • March will be limited to regional qualifiers.
    • Re-Registration will be required each month in two places (YMCA front desk & website)

    Location: Nazareth YMCA Pool

    Cost: $60/month per swimmer.

    Registration Start Day:

    • Nazareth YMCA front desk registration starts on Nov. 11, Wednesday.
    • Swim team website registration starts on Nov. 8, Sunday.

    Times: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm weekdays (+ Saturdays for 2-3 groups) (Saturday time slot still to be determined, but likely starting after 2:00 pm)

    • Swimmers will be assigned their training group any time within those two hour blocks by Coach Drake. As we normally do, generally the younger swimmers will be earlier.


    • YMCA membership required.
    • Swim Team website registration required, https://neys.swimtopia.com/.
    • Monthly clinic sign-up at the YMCA and on the WEBSITE required each month (website registration links will have labels to differentiate and will go live on 11/8).
    • Each group, meaning each swimmer too, will get at least two days per week.
    • Since we are limited to three swimmers per lane, we can only guarantee two days per week per group. Older or more experienced groups will likely get another day or two of training per week if there is enough space to do so.
    • Individual lap swim at the YMCA during all other hours is still recommended at no extra cost.
    • NON clinic swimmers who sign-up on our team website's general registration (not the monthly clinic registrations) AND are YMCA members, can still participate in our virtual meets for free. This applies mostly to high school swimmers; however, if on a USA club team, it only applies if you swam as unattached during meets this fall.

    As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    Stay Safe & Resilient,

    Coach Drake

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