Virtuous Swimming & Updated Heat Sheet

    • Swimming Virtuosity
    • Updated Heat Sheet is attached (seed times in meters)

    With summer swimming being only a short five weeks for us, I wanted to present some ideas Coach Carlton shared with me about being a virtuous swimmer (and please, definitely share with your kids).

    Virtuosity: A virtuoso, a musician or artist puts on a skilled performance that amazes. To be virtuous also means to demonstrate high standards of character.

    It is with both of these definitions I want us to focus on, in tonight's meet. 

    These practices and this meet tonight is more than just about swimming fast and hitting best times. It's about doing it for the love of the sport, it's about showing we can continue to thrive even in unprecedented times, it's about doing common things in uncommon ways, it's about showing character. Sure, kids will be focused on getting their best times, but as a coach I council high goal setting with realism..., and we haven't exactly trained hard for months on end, so don't expect your best. If you achieve a best time, GREAT!..., but MORE IMPORTANTLY though, it's about not letting the sport dwindle away, it's about teams and athletes who normally compete against each other, supporting each other to ensure the sport continues and individual dreams of future success stay alive. I do not know what many other teams are doing or plan to do, not in this region or elsewhere, but I do know we have been able to show that we can safely and effectively run a swim program during this pandemic. It is about our swimmers putting on a performance, to show that they can adapt, train, compete, and stay safe. From this perspective, it's not really about the times achieved, but about our swimming community continuing to thrive; it's about our virtuosity.

    See you on deck!

    Coach Drake

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