Timers Needed, Aug. 6 & 7

    Hello everyone,

    I'm sure, as is the norm for most swim teams, we need timers  :). We need a minimum of 6 timers for each of the four sessions (8-9, 9-10, Thursday/Friday), but right now we only have 8 across all sessions. As a result, we can now accept more than 1 family member to help (Sign-Up Link).  

    These times are supposed to count as official times for each of your summer teams, but that will be in jeopardy if we do not have enough timers. Also, you only have to work the one session your swimmer normally practices in. So, please sign up to help, and/or feel free to sign up another family member if you are one of our original eight who signed up.

    Thank you again,

    Coach Drake

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