Swim Team Time Trials (mini Invitational), Aug. 6 & 7

    Good afternoon everyone,

    We plan on holding time trials and hope to have some good races on August 6 & 7! :)

    Please use this link to request events for your swimmer(s): 

    2020 Lopatong Swim Clinic - PJSL Time Trials

    Choose 1-3 events, and a 4th if interested in a relay. This is an excellent way to gauge progress if normally a summer swimmer only, or see where they're at if normally a winter/summer swimmer. Plus, racing can be fun too! Not to mention it is a good way to cap off our program this year. 

    Easton and Lopatcong swim teams will honor any team records broken and officially record all individual results in team databases for swimmers that were part of their teams in 2019 and competing this August 6 & 7. If you'd like, Coach Drake or you can contact your regular PJSL swim team coach to request the same. If your coach is interested, we will send an official Meet Manager file as evidence of times.

    See you on deck,

    Coach Drake

    PS: There's no cost per event. :) If not interested in racing though, we'll have some space and a coach available for swimmers to practice in the shallow pool. 

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